Get more space...

paid storage upgrades

Increase the amount of storage you have and upload more photos.

When you have reached the storage limit on our free storage tiers and you do not have enough gallery views to qualify for more space, you have the option to purchase storage upgrades.

You can view the free storage tiers on our FAQ page. The paid storage upgrades are added on top of any existing free storage that you have.

Storage Pricing

Paid storage upgrades are $10 / year for each extra 10 GB of space.

You can purchase up to an additional 100 GB of extra space. If you need more, please post on our forums to arrange it.

How to Order

1. Login to our client area with your email address and the password sent in your welcome email.

2. Select the Paid Storage Upgrade.

3. On the next page choose the amount of extra storage you would like, and pay the invoice via Paypal.

Your extra storage will be added 24-48 hours after payment has been received.

Common Questions

How do I check my current storage usage?

Login to our client area and click on the View Details button. Your current storage limit and space usage is shown on the next page.

Can I purchase more than one upgrade?

Yes, you can continue to purchase more storage upgrades as you go.

What happens when I reach the next free storage tier?

When your gallery has enough views to qualify for more free storage, any paid storage you have will be added on top of your free storage. For example if you have paid for 10 GB of extra storage and afterwards your gallery reaches 100,000 views, you can request 30 GB of free storage. Your paid storage will be added on top, so you will end up with 40 GB of total storage.

How do I cancel?

Simply let your subscription expire. Your storage upgrade is billed every year. Just ignore the next year's invoice and your paid upgrade will expire and your gallery will revert back to our free storage tiers.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you have changed your mind, just let us know within 60 days and we will provide a full refund.

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