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Getting Started With Your New Gallery
« on: May 01, 2014, 22:12:32 »
Please read this guide for information on how to start using your new So Sugary gallery.

Once your gallery has been activated you will want to change the gallery name, description, and upload a header image.

Change gallery name and description

Login to your gallery.

Click on Config, then General Settings.

Change your Gallery name and Gallery description. Leave everything else the same.

Scroll the bottom when done and click Save new configuration.

Upload a header image

To upload an image, you should create a Category and an Album. You can name it whatever you like. In this guide, we will call the Category Random, and the Album Misc.

Create a Category named Random.

Create an Album named Misc inside the new Random Category.

Repeat the above process to create other Categories and Albums, such as Photoshoots, Candids etc.

Now click on Upload file, select your new album and upload your header image. It must be named exactly header.jpg.

Recommended size is 980 x 300.

To change the header image, delete the existing header and then upload another one named header.jpg.

Changing the theme

Go to the Config, and select Theme Settings.

We currently have these free themes available:

Using a custom stylesheet

If you are familiar with CSS you can upload a custom stylesheet to change the look of your gallery.

  • Upload a stylesheet named custom.css into any album
  • It works on all themes

For more information please see the Custom Stylesheet page.

Latest photos on your website

You can put a block of your gallery's latest photos on your website.

The size of the block and how many photos are displayed is easily customisable.

Instructions on how to use this feature are on the Latest Photos Block page.

File size tips

Keep your image file sizes as small as possible. This way you can upload more pictures.

With our default 10 GB of storage:

  • Average photo size of 2 MB = 5,000 photos
  • Average photo size of 1 MB = 10,000 photos
  • Average photo size of 500 KB = 20,000 photos

To batch resize photos, we recommend Irfanview. We suggest using a jpg quality of 80 and max resolution of 2000 x 2000 as a starting point.

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